Knight Webb Gallery



Current Exhibition: Nadav Drukker ‘Quantum Ceramics’


Quantum Ceramics is the first solo exhibition of ceramic works by theoretical physicist Nadav Drukker, based at Kings College London, who makes traditional studio pottery as an alternative means to communicate his scientific research.


‘I wanted to share the excitement from both of my passions with the public, so instead of attempting to answer the question of what string theory is, I create objects that represent the beauty I find in string theory. I hope that the viewer will be able to admire the forms and formulas the way that one views hieroglyphs or cuneiform, which we know carry meaning, but most of us cannot read. In particular cuneiforms, one of the earliest forms of writing and normally implemented in clay. So I am bringing back modern mathematical notation to clay.’

The works are presented as a series of six projects: Circle, Cusp, Index, Polygons, Cut, and Defect. Each series is based on a research paper by Drukker.


17th March – 8th April 2017 at Knight Webb Gallery, Brixton.