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Alison Jackson  ‘David Beckham with Hot Dog’  C Type Archival Print.  Image size 61 x 92 cm. Frame size 76 x 107 cm.  Medium Format / Box Frame Edition of 5


Knight Webb Gallery is pleased to announce our latest collaboration with renowned satirical artist Alison Jackson. Jackson has established an extensive public following through her unusual narrative and her understanding of the mainstream media.



A useful self observation for artists to achieve is seeing where the truth in their practice disappears and illusion takes over. Its not as easy as one would think, many of the causes for an artist to create in the first place, ferment slowly in the subtle mists of their ego, desire, highly sensitive observations and ambition. Occasionally an artist has the necessary objectivity to make a clear distinction between reality and illusion in their work. This phenomena seems to be a key to successful communication of their ideas through their artistic process.



Alison Jackson is an artist who has carved a successful career out of an acute awareness of this distinction. The introduction on her own website leads with the lines: “My pictures ask where does the truth end and the lies begin…where the subjective triumphs over the objective.”



Jackson is well known for her elaborate staging of celebrity lookalike models, in scenes which the mainstream press never had the opportunity to participate in. Her work imaginatively and satirically explores how photography and the cult of the celebrity have transformed our relationship to what is ‘real’.




Gallery closed: 30/07/16 – 06/9/16                   Open by appointment through August


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