Knight Webb Gallery
Rufus Knight-Webb ‘The Spirit’s Nest’ 2018, 90 x 80 cm, acrylic on linen



Until 17th February  Open Thursday to Saturday 10:00 – 18:00 and by appointment at all other times.


Over in Euro Disney the Small World attraction has played the catchy song ‘Its a Small World’ on loop since the park opened in 1992; all day, every day! The song is the attraction; the model towns and people simply illustrate its message. How do the staff at Euro Disney cope? Has this ride overwhelmed the clinics of Paris with broken employees?

The artworks selected for A Small World at Knight Webb Gallery might have been created by Euro Disney’s unfortunate staff. They are grotesque and surreal. Each artwork a fragment of broken poetry from the artists soul. The show brings together artists from seven countries, each drawing upon their own subconscious for subject matter, intensifying the colours and burying secret meanings deep in the composition.

This is a truly Brixton exhibition, showcasing the collective consciousness of individuality, whatever it’s origins. Three artist are Brixton residents: Adjani, Lesley Hilling and Nadav Drukker, other artists come from as far away as California and Istanbul.


Open Thursday to saturday 10am to 6pm, and at all other times by appointment, until FEB 17 2018



Evren Sungur

Joseba Eskubi

Juliane Hundertmark

Lesley Hilling

Lindsey Nobel

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