Knight Webb Gallery

Rufus ‘Radio Interference’ 2019 180 x 90 cm, acrylic on canvas





A solo exhibition


Private view 27th November 2019 6pm


The preview opens on Rufus’ birthday and marks a reappraisal of his painting career after seven years directing Knight Webb Gallery.

The exhibition will focus on Action Painting (Painterly improvisation), a style which was trialed in the 1940’s and perfected in the 1950’s.


On the connection between the artist and Action Painting


Rufus made an enduring connection with 1950’s painting through the artist Alan Davie. For many years Rufus worked part time at Gimpel fils Gallery in London, which had been Davie’s gallery since the late 1940’s. He spent many hours visiting Davie in his Hertford studio and these journeys became a source of learning and discussion.


Alan never felt he needed to explain his paintings or his approach to painting. He talked mostly about metaphysics, shamanism and mysticism, which explains little in terms of actual painting.

But when I showed him my own work he made useful and surprising comments. I remember showing Davie a large triptych, which he immediately said wasn’t a triptych, but three separate paintings with a lot in common…and he was right!”



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