Drukker & Webb

Drukker and Webb combine Theoretical Physics and Abstract Painting together in a series of black and white action paintings. Each work delivers a twofold narrative of numerical order and improvised chaos. The resulting images with their layers of Greek letters and painterly gestures describe time itself; Real Time being the language of improvisation and Space Time being the language of physics.

The inscribed and written formulae are from a niche area of Particle Physics and String Theory called 'Symmetrical Field Theory’. This is Drukker’s specialist area of research. The layers of mathematical insignia are part of Drukker's collaborations with other scientists, the gestural paint strokes are Webb's contribution. The images are segments from published research papers. They look familiar to the lay viewer, a memory of the physics department at school... advanced physics for certain; the physics here is theoretical; unresolvable until far into the future. Its complexity impossible to communicate to a non specialist. Drukker and Webb simply illustrate the beauty in the physics without a need for comprehension.

Nadav Drukker lectures in Theoretical Physics at Kings College London. Rufus Knight-Webb is a painter and the director of Knight Webb Gallery, London.
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