1:54 The contemporary African Art Fair, London

Solo presentation of Adjani Okpu-Egbe


Knight Webb Gallery will show a solo presentation of paintings by Adjani Okpu-Egbe. Adjani has a unique story telling style of painting; ‘The Underdog’ is a narrative about the undiscovered and overlooked people of his world, and how they can use their ‘Underdog’ status to rise to prominence.

Adjani tells stories through his paintings in a manner which European painters, have never considered. His approach does not embody the typical museum culture of contemporary art, he is not trying to be a YBA! His visual narrative is a personal lament, a recounting of experience, history and memories.

The oral tradition of story telling may have been passed down to Adjani from his African lineage. His stories describe his pet dogs, his crabby father, a bus ride in London with a one eyed survivor of the Syrian Conflict, and most often his personal relationships. Whether these stories are pertinent memories or simply elaborate thoughts, they are Adjani’s own brightly coloured and compelling insights.