Strange Animals – Scenes From Life

Juliane Hundertmark

2nd May – 31st May 2014

Private View: 2nd May 2014 6:00 – 8:00 pm

“My art is my life, my life is a party, and the party is crowded with strange animals.”

Berlin artist Juliane Hundertmark, paints mythical and rebellious characters from her imaginary world, brought together to form theatrical and disturbing scenes.

Many of the characters in her paintings refer to historical and religious events. Her subjects can be found drinking blood at dinner parties, or loitering in the bushes in parks. Giving a modern day Berlin approach to artists such as Hieronymus Bosch. Juliane approaches her works with confidence and a touch of genuine pathos. As a peaceful animal rights activist, she explores the relationships between people and animals in her paintings.

Her narratives are beautifully balanced by fast and brilliant paintwork, which she combines with small sections of collage, to create a world that is equal in beauty to its strangeness. 

The depiction of animal mimicry in her work includes emotions such as grief, curiosity and alertness. Their presentation could be classified as an explicit form of self-portrait.

In Hundertmark’s first London solo exhibition at Knight Webb Gallery: ‘Strange Animals: Scenes From Life’, Juliane brings together a fantastical collection of characters reuniting at parks, zoo’s, the circus, and at dinner parties.

After a very successful exhibition at ‘Aqua Art Miami’ earlier this year, and an equally successful show at Bloom, Cologne in 2013, Juliane is at the top of her game.