Gavin Turk 'Metaphysical Rasta Loaf'


Gavin Turk’s sculpture “Metaphysical Rasta Loaf” is currently on sale at Knight Webb Gallery, alongside copies of the Reggae album ‘Use Your Loaf’, signed and illustrated by Turk.

The sculpture was conceived by Turk to reflect the ordinary nature of bread and to demonstrate how the shape of ‘Mothers Pride’ embodies historical, cultural and social meaning.

To add a layer of mystery, Turk painted the cast bread in the style of a mysterious box which appears in the foreground of De Chirico’s painting “The Disquieting Muse”. The colours on the box in the painting are reminiscent of the Jamaican Flag, and if we add all these elements together we can see why Turk called it “Metaphysical Rasta Loaf”.

A unique Turk sculpture for under 10k, plinth included.