A solo exhibition of new paintings by RUFUS

Preview 27th November 2019

The preview takes place on RUFUS birthday as he turns 58, a significant time. As life is measured from its end rather than its beginning, perhaps one should have completed their notions of self deception and found more realistic ambitions.

Rufus paints in more than one style which either confuses people or adds interest, depending on the way they see it.

This exhibition is focused on one style: ‘Action Painting’, a fast and improvised process where the painter works at the sharp edge of their limitations. The objective being to formulate rapid ideas through the painting process (allowing the imagination to synchronise with the eyes and hands), rather than directing the narrative from the beginning (using the imagination only in the early stages of the painting). This style was trialed in the 1940’s and perfected in the 1950’s by Abstract painters around the globe. It fell completely out of fashion in the 1970’s, most probably beause it belonged to the masculine realm of individualism, which had become less relevant in more equal world.

On the connection between artists and era’s

There is a connection with the 1950’s through the painter Alan Davie. For five years Rufus worked part time as at Gimpel fils Gallery in London, which had been Davie’s gallery since the late 1940’s. Rufus spent many hours visiting Davie in his Hertford studio, and these journeys became a source of learning and discussion.

“Alan Davie was sometimes evasive about his approach to painting when asked. he talked mostly about metaphysical stuff, which didn’t explain much in terms of painting. But when I showed him my own work he made really useful and surprising comments. For example I showed a large triptych, which he immediately said wasn’t a triptych, but three separate paintings with a lot in common.”