In A Silent Way | 2018 Battersea

30th May – 23rd June 2018 / Duo show with Anders Knutsson and Lesley Hilling


Knight Webb Gallery’s opening exhibition at our new space in Battersea is a revival of In a Silent Way with artists Anders Knutsson and Lesley Hilling. The combination of organic wooden structures and gentle monochrome painting demonstrates a natural connection between artistic styles, both visibly and conceptually.


Knutsson’s paintings are a synthesis of Nordic and American culture, combining Minimalism, Abstract Expressionism, and Northern Romanticism. Equilibrium and understatement are the foundation of everything Knutsson creates.

Hilling’s wall sculptures instantly recognisable for their organic, architectural forms and understated elegance. In her practice there is a system of scouring the streets for materials, and sometimes destroying them before their transformation into sculpture. Lesley values nostalgia. Her house and her sculpture practice are testament to a strong attachment to the past. The recycling of materials has grown out of her core values.


Beyond The Blue Horizon 2017, 70 cm x 75 cm x 19 cm, Antique wood and piano parts


Anders Knutsson

Anders Knutsson

Red Hot 2015, 148 cm x 105 cm, Wax Oil on Linen