Rufus KW and Lisa Azarmi

Scenes from The Book of Somewhere, an unpublished surreal classic

Most of us have one thing in common: we are strange, whether by design or fault. Some try to fit in, others want to be invisible, and a few insist on being heard! This new series of works is from the insistent variety; words are by Lisa Azarmi, and drawings from Rufus Knight Webb. Taken from their unpublished surreal classic, The Book of Somewhere, the works depict mismatched creatures who journey through a dystopian, storm ravaged land in search of solace. Unbeknown to many, Rufus manifested these various creatures over decades, and with Lisa’s equally warped imagination, the duo joined forces to expand and bring them to life. Catch a glimpse of their inexplicable escapades for the first time and immerse yourselves in a world not unlike our own...

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