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'Synthesis' UV Collaborative Painting Event Wednesday 22nd March, 2017
A selection of images from our 11th February community painting event.
Nadav Drukker - Quantum Ceramics Tuesday 14th March, 2017
Press from the solo show 'Quantum Ceramics' of work by Theoretical Physicist Nadav Drukker.
Aboudia in London Thursday 13th October, 2016
Soon after I opened my gallery in 2012 I became curious about the paintings of Aboudia, an emerging artist from Ivory Coast (...)
Anders Knutsson at the Moderna Museet Wednesday 7th September, 2016
Moderna Museet in Stockholm have agreed to purchase ‘Light Green Spring’ 2013 by Anders Knutsson.
Afterlife idyll. Following a rainbow north through Surrey to Watts Memorial Chapel Tuesday 26th July, 2016
The chapel and its arrangement of trees, headstones, mausoleum and curved cobbled paths is an expression of deep love or deep friendship. Perhaps only love could have inspired a memorial with such painstakingly thoughtful yet romantic vision as this sculptural landscape of the afterlife. In this sense the chapel is a miniature Taj Mahal.
Douglas McDougall 'Between the System and the Sentiment - Works on Paper' Thursday 14th July, 2016
Douglas McDougall has an authentic and often solemn narrative buried within his well executed charcoal drawings. A small group of skilled artists share his medium of large scale charcoal works, including Jason Brooks and Robert Longo. However, McDougall has his own particular approach, with the piece evolving organically over many months of toil, rather then being driven by a single spectacular image. McDougall’s imagery is not realistic though the detail is such that anyone may confuse his creations with hyper realism.