Simon Gaiger

Simon Gaiger finds inspiration in the hills and valleys surrounding his home in West Wales. The deeply carved wooden 'Field Form' sculptures describe both figure and landscape with their chisseled surfaces and natural pigmentation. Along the trackway leading to Gaiger's farmhouse lye massive seasoning tree trunks, which will eventually become elegant gallery furniture. Many of the purposely scorched and oiled pieces can be placed outdoors using natural and ancient wetherproofing techniques.

Great attention to detail is applied in his welded metal works, giving patina to every screw head or hinge, and accentuating the antiquated colouration of each sculpture.

Many pieces have moveable parts and suggest a use, inviting the viewer to respond by re-arranging, touching or changing the form. Obvious tactile elements are either offered up or shielded. Colour is used simply, either to accentuate a play of light or as distinct element to emphasize particular aspects.

"My sculptures are made from wood, metal and the materials that I find around me. They are descriptions of the elements, forces and patterns within the landscape, natural and man made, a synthesis of where these meet, clash or unify. Laid hedges, sea defences, harbours, old boundaries, disused railway lines. Places where the memory of man is recorded in nature influence me, as do mans engineered devices that steer or harness the elemental forces. Where nature bends to mans hand for a moment then turns and moves on.  References also come from my childhood in Africa and the South Pacific."  Simon Gaiger

2017 Spring Show, Knight Webb Gallery
2016 London Art Fair, Islington
2013 Oriel Myrddin Gallery, Carmarthen 'The County Show' July
2012-2013 Neo Bankside London
2012 PAD London
20/21 British Art Fair, London
2011 Flow Gallery, London
PAD London, London
Adam Gallery, Cork Street, London
2010 Stilnovo, Copenhagen
Galerie Katwijk Amsterdam
St Davids Studio Gallery, St Davids
Strand Gallery Aldeburgh
2009 Oriel Myrddin Gallery, Carmarthen
'Art Amsterdam' collaboration with John O'Carroll
2008 'Simon Gaiger New Works, Padstow Contemporary Art
'Ambient Light', Artspace 3, Amsterdam
2006 L'Orient Festival Interceltique, Brittany, France
Black Swan Gallery, Frome , Somerset
'Kunst Rai', collaboration with John O'Carroll, Amsterdam
2005 'Kunst Rai', collaboration with John O'Carroll, Amsterdam
'Groen en Hout', collaboration with John O'Carroll, Haarlem, Holland
2004 'Krieger & Katwijk, collaboration with John O'Carroll Amsterdam
Cambridge Contemporary Craft, Cambridge
New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham, Surrey
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