Donald Judd, Armchair #47, 1984 & AK #2, 1979

Anders Knutsson


Anders Knutsson is the most significant and consistent monochrome painter of his generation. Knutsson’s work hangs in museums and major collections across the globe, prominently in the Museum of Modern Art and the Ystad Museum both in Stockholm.

Anders Knutsson was born in Malmö, Sweden where he studied art and engineering. In 1967 he moved to the United States, becoming a naturalised American citizen in 1976. Knutsson began experimenting with waxes, varnishes and oils in various combinations in the late 1960s. Creating a paste by grinding dry pigments into his paint. This gave him complete control of the materials including the viscosity and transparency of the paint allowing him to manipulate these variables independently of each other. The final step is the grinding of the colour pigment into the paint medium by hand on the palette.

By reducing his paintings to pure colour, Anders is inviting the viewer to explore the medium of paint away from any social or art historical context. Anders’ talent lies in his ability to apply the thinnest and most transparent layers. Anders has experienced critical success at Bukowski’s Auction House sale in Stockholm. His recent paintings are revisiting the monochrome style of his 1970’s and 1980’s work, although with a fresh perspective. His paintings are confident expressions of his lifelong journey, both as engineer and artist.


2014 'Sketches of Time', Knight Webb Gallery, London, UK
2011 Steinhardt Conservatory Gallery, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn, NY
2009 ”Treeology” Konsthallen Hishult, Sweden
Tillie’s of Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY
2008 AAF Contemporary Art Fair, Gallery D3, Nnew York City
2007 AAF Contemporary Art Fair, Gallery D3, New York City
Soapbox Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2005 Rosewood Gallery, Kettering, Ohio (paintings and luminous performance w. dancers from Sinclair College)
Gallery U, Cleveland, Ohio (paintings and luminous performance with dancers from U of Ohio, singer and musicians)
Cool New York Dance Festival (luminous performances; dancers and drummers)Video available
 2004 St. Thomas Aquinas College, Sparkhill, NY (paintings & luminous performance; students, singer, musician)
D.U.M.B.O. Dance Festival (luminous performance; dancers, singer, drummers) Video available
2003 Red Clay, New York, NY (luminous performance; dancers, recorded music)
BAM/SONYA Spring Show (paintings & luminous performance; dancers, musician ) Gallery 718, Brooklyn, NY
2002 Nordiska Ministerrådet Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark (paintings & luminous performance)
Corridor Gallery, Brooklyn, New York, New York (including performance with Gender Illusionist, Dréd Geresant)
100 Lex Gallery, Brooklyn, New York, New York (four performances May 19 with JoLea Mafei Dance Company)
Merce Cunningham Studio, New York, New York (performances March 21 – 24, with JoLea Maffei Dance Co.)  Video/DVD available
2001 Gallery Ami, Seoul, Korea
2000 Karlshamn Konsthall, Karlshamn,  Sweden
1999 Ystad Art Museum,  Ystad,  Sweden (performance Jan. 15, 2000 with Mats Gustafsson and Lotta Melin, dancer)
Galleri Gerthel,  Malmö,  Sweden
Konsthallen Hishult,  Hishult,  Sweden
1998 Gallery  Ami,  Seoul,  Korea
1997 Samuel J. Zacks Gallery,  York University,  Toronto,  Canada
Solveig Bergström Gallery,  Jönköping,  Sweden
1995 Gallery Ami,  Seoul,  Korea
1993 Anders Knutsson.  Gallery Ami,  Seoul,  Korea
1991 Stephen Solovy Gallery,  Chicago,  IL
1990 “Lightscapes”,  Curator: Charles Shepard III.  University of Maine Museum of Art, Orono, ME


Albright Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY
Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm, Sweden
Williams College Museum of Art, Williamstown, MA
Ystad Art Museum, Ystad, Sweden
University of N. Florida, Jacksonville, FL
University of Vermont, Burlington, VT
Pinellas County, Clearwater, FL
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