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‘Synthesis’ UV Collaborative Painting Event

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

‘Synthesis was an inspiring event. Around 80 people painted throughout the day, including 20 children and young people. A number of serious artists and many welcome experimenters contributed to create the large scale multi-layered mural
The fluorescent / UV light reaction gradually took full effect as daylight disappeared. By evening the walls looked wild.

Louis, Youth and Mixmaster Morris gave us a thoughtful soundtrack to work to.’

– Rufus Knight-Webb


Nadav Drukker – Quantum Ceramics

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017



FAD Magazine: The Top 6 Art Exhibitions to see in London this week

The Top 6 Art Exhibitions to see in London this week




The Resident – Living South Magazine’s April Issue:



Quantum Ceramics on After Nyne Magazine online:

Interesting piece about the exhibition and artist, Nadav Drukker, written by gallery curator, Rufus Knight Webb.

‘Nadav walks past my gallery most days on his way to Brixton market. Over the past few years I have begun to get to know this strange scientist who makes ceramic vessels at his home studio, which I have visited now on a number of occasions. Alongside his pottery, Nadav has an alter ego as Dr Drukker, leading a research team at Kings College London. He creates the objects and vessels in clay as a means to communicate his research in String Theory & Supersymmetric Field Theories.’…/



Quantum Ceramics by Nadav Drukker mentioned on Londonist as part of their things to do and see in London next week.

The exhibition opens 17th March -8th April. We are open from 10 am – 6 pm Tuesday – Saturday.




Quantum Ceramics at Knight Webb Gallery mentioned in this week’s issue (11/03/17) of The Jewish Chronicle