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Anders Knutsson at the Moderna Museet

Wednesday, September 7th, 2016

Moderna Museet in Stockholm have agreed to purchase the painting ‘Light Green Spring’ 2013 by Anders Knutsson.

This large monochrome painting was shown by Knight Webb Gallery at Context Art Fair New York in May this year (see image below). The same work was also shown at The Agueli Museum in Sweden throughout August.

In addition to ‘Light Green Spring’ the collection at the Moderna Museet includes Knutsson’s ‘Long Red Painting’, from 1979 and ‘Midnight Earthshine #16’ 1979. This gives the artist a substantial presence in the permanent collection of Sweden’s most prestigious museum of art.



Juliane Hundertmark – Breakfast

Friday, September 2nd, 2016

‘Juliane Hundertmark from Berlin is at the top of her game, effortlessly informal and gently satirical.’

Breakfast is orientated around Hundertmark’s recent series of large scale works on canvas titled ‘Breakfast’. For the past year the artist has been exploring this commonplace ritual and gathering of friends and family in their sleepy, hungover and occasionally dishevelled state.

Since Hundertmark initiated this series in 2015, it has resonated with her audience and inspired associations and memories of scenes from their own lives. These strangely animated characters are not simply stereotypes, they are aspects of real personality types acting crudely, honestly and as themselves. Hundertmark has produced these new paintings in her distinctive, confident style, with her usual balance of satire and fantasy.

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