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Sunday, January 19th, 2020

Nadav Drukker New Ceramics at London Art Fair / Art Projects P3

January 21 – 26 2020

Sewing 5 2020

Market Art Fair 2019

Wednesday, April 17th, 2019

Anders Knutsson together with traditional weaver Hanna Isaksson

April 11-14 Liljevalchs Kunsthall, Stockholm

This year we focussed on Knutssons new paintings made on hand woven linen, commissioned from weaver Hanna Isaksson, who lives in the North of Sweden.

London Art Fair 2019: The Genius of Juliane Hundertmark

Wednesday, January 9th, 2019

We will be exhibiting Juliane Hundertmark at the London Art Fair 2019 from 16th- 20th January.

Please join us on the second floor, Art Project, stand P4.

Juliane Hundertmark paints a portrait of humanity, which is simultaneously humorous and serious.

She uses unusual visual metaphors to convey her meanings and ideas with ghostly ‘unfinished’ figures appearing beside ‘solid’ figures, like messengers from another dimension. These transparent figures represent a characters alter-ego and their inner desires…

Carinthia West, The Pig and the Power Station 1976, 95 x 120 cm silver gelatin photographs

Thursday, November 15th, 2018

Exhibition opens 21st November 2018. 95 x 120 cm silver gelatin photographs

In 1976, The Pink Floyd hired the innovative Hipgnosis team, Aubrey Powell and Storm Thorgerson, to shoot the ‘Animals’ album cover at Battersea Power Station in London. They organised a giant blow-up pig which was attached to ropes and supposed to float above the Power Station for three consecutive days, but unfortunately on the second day, the pig slipped its moorings. The Floyd had hired an ex-police marksman to shoot it down in such circumstances, but he hadn’t turned up that day. Jumbo jet pilots, flying into London that morning, told their passengers, “on the right of the plane you will see the Houses of Parliament and on the left… a flying pig!”. No one could believe their eyes. Ultimately, chased by police and press, the pig deflated ignominiously in a field in Kent. I shot thirty-six frames in an attempt to tell its story…



Knight Webb Gallery is now located in Battersea

Tuesday, June 5th, 2018

Knight Webb Gallery is now located in Battersea, opposite The Royal College of Art.

Our new address is: 58 Battersea Bridge Rd, London SW11 3AG
Our contact details will remain the same (Tel: 07939 530326 / Email: )

Our opening event and exhibition will be ‘IN A SILENT WAY 2018’, a duo show with artists Anders Knutsson and Lesley Hilling. It will run from 31st May – 26th June 2018

Private view: Wednesday, 6 June 6-9pm

Gallery opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 11am – 6pm

Some of you will have noticed that a jeweller called Chez Veronique is currently installed in my Brixton gallery. Veronique will work out of our Atlantic Road space for at least 6 months, allowing me freedom to concentrate on Battersea.

 I am looking forward to a breath of fresh Thames air, new friends, new collectors and a proper commute by bicycle.



Art Miami – ‘Hot Tub’ – A solo presentation of Berlin artist Juliane Hundertmark

Friday, October 20th, 2017


I arrived at Art Miami with my son Louis a few days before the fair. We needed to set up a complex installation which included a fully functioning hot tub. We had arranged a hot tub sponsor, but had heard nothing from them for over a week. Two days before the fair we drove to the hot tub retailer’s address and there was nothing there, just a concrete floor and some leaves!


Louis got on the phone and managed to persuade a local company called Miami Pool, Spa, and Billiard, into lending us a tub for the duration of fair. It wasn’t quite the romantic wooden kind I was hoping for; more high tech with lights and music, but it was free of charge and designed to hold hot water.


The tub arrived at th last minute and were filling it up with water well into the opening hours of the preview. A hot tub is highly interactive. The artist placed strange puppet sculptures around the edge of the tub as guardians. She sewed together beach balls in a lacy vintage style, and threw them into the water.


Juliane had painted a series of swimming pool paintings, and we had pre sold two of them, which gave us sufficient confidence in the project as a whole. I guess Art Miami liked the tub, they still use it on their website.




Context Art Miami took place November 29th – December 4th 2016

Gavin Turk ‘Metaphysical Rasta Loaf’

Friday, July 14th, 2017


Gavin Turk’s sculpture “Metaphysical Rasta Loaf” is currently on sale at Knight Webb Gallery, alongside copies of the Reggae album ‘Use Your Loaf’, signed and illustrated by Turk.

The sculpture was conceived by Turk to reflect the ordinary nature of bread and to demonstrate how the shape of ‘Mothers Pride’ embodies historical, cultural and social meaning.

To add a layer of mystery, Turk painted the cast bread in the style of a mysterious box which appears in the foreground of De Chirico’s painting “The Disquieting Muse”. The colours on the box in the painting are reminiscent of the Jamaican Flag, and if we add all these elements together we can see why Turk called it “Metaphysical Rasta Loaf”.

A unique Turk sculpture for under 10k, plinth included.

Drukker & Webb Collaborations

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

Following the successful ‘Quantum Ceramics‘ exhibition at Knight Webb Gallery, a new collaborative project has been formed. This project is between abstract painter Rufus Knight-Webb and ceramicist and theoretical physicist Nadav Drukker.

Drukker and Webb both draw from extensive knowledge in their fields, combining their unlikely subject matter; Theoretical Physics and Abstract Painting. Initially each work appears to represent a blackboard, however as the eyes focus on the picture plane the illusion deepens, an artwork of abstract improvisation appears.

The inscribed and written formulae are ‘String Theory & Supersymmetric Field Theories’, which are Drukker’s specialised areas of research. The theory is written onto a black and white canvas as though for an advanced mathematics lesson. Because the physics is purely theoretical and difficult to communicate to a non scientific public, the artist and scientist collaboration helps illustrate the beauty in the physics without a need to understand any of it.


Nadav Drukker & Rufus Knight-Webb  ‘Quantum Painting No.1’ 2017, Mixed media on canvas, 120 x 170 cm


Nadav Drukker & Rufus Knight-Webb  ‘Quantum Painting No.2’ 2017, Mixed media on canvas, 90 x 140 cm


Nadav Drukker & Rufus Knight-Webb  ‘Quantum Painting No.3’ 2017, Mixed media on canvas, 90 x 140 cm

Breakfast With Artists: Nadav Drukker

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017



Launching Saturday 8th April 2017
10.30 am – 12:00 pm

Breakfast with Artists is a new bi monthly event at Knight Webb Gallery Brixton, where artists, art lovers, and local residents are invited to the gallery to enjoy a light breakfast followed by a discussion between a gallery artist and Knight Webb Gallery’s director, Rufus Knight-Webb. The discussion will explore the artist’s current work and practice and will be followed by an audience Q&A.

Knight Webb Gallery will be launching their first Breakfast with Artists event with Brixton resident, Theoretical Physicist and studio Potter, Doctor Nadav Drukker. Drukker will be discussing his ceramics and exhibition ‘Quantum Ceramics’. This will also be the last opportunity to view the exhibition on it’s final day at the gallery.

The first talk in the series will be taking place on Saturday 8th April 2017, from 10.30 am – 12:00 pm. Knight Webb Gallery will be providing coffee & croissants, followed by a discussion between gallery director Rufus Knight-Webb, and Nadav Drukker.

Breakfast with Artists: Nadav Drukker
Saturday 8th April, 10.30 am – 12:00 pm

10.30 am: Light breakfast at Knight Webb Gallery
11:00 am: Nadav Drukker in conversation with Rufus Knight-Webb
11.30 am – 12:00 pm: Audience Q&A



‘Synthesis’ UV Collaborative Painting Event

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

‘Synthesis was an inspiring event. Around 80 people painted throughout the day, including 20 children and young people. A number of serious artists and many welcome experimenters contributed to create the large scale multi-layered mural
The fluorescent / UV light reaction gradually took full effect as daylight disappeared. By evening the walls looked wild.

Louis, Youth and Mixmaster Morris gave us a thoughtful soundtrack to work to.’

– Rufus Knight-Webb